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304 Stainless Steel Public Toilet Partition

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Product Introduction

1. Since its birth at the beginning of this century, stainless steel represents the images of modern construction materials and the excellent reputation of the application in construction, especially Hagrien which is mainly used for public toilet, often is the desirable object of the rivals.

2. You can have the stainless steel without erosion,pitting,rust or wear provided that you properly choose steel type, properly process and maintain it.Stainless steel is also one of the construction metal materials with the highest intension.

3. The successful application of stainless steel in constructions. Buildings and structures lies in its excellent erosion resistance.Due to its excellent erosion resistance, it can make structure components maintain the integrity of the engineering design.Hagrien 304 stainless steel public toilet partition can meet the ideal demand of designers,architects and structure designers.

Product Features

1. Hagrien, to change the toilet area, perfect the high stability of the cabin, absolutely waterproof, easy to clean and attractive design of the successful combination of the system to distinguish hagrien change the room's bathroom perfect. This type of plants. In the material, perfect color and design of our lockers and the type of the optical device, it bring a special touch to every locker room. The locker room as the central folding carton.

2. System type Hagrien cabin, suitable for various fields by its stability and waterproof construction, and offers a variety of design. Whether it is a simple toilet partition or locker room, as Hagrien toilet facilities, the concept of variable allows various requirements easily.

3. In the Hagrien cabin type steel or aluminum, Hagrien factory has set a new standard, in the absence of contour shell can be folded without doors Maogou section increased. Powder coating elements are allowed in many different color change seamless execution. There is a very elegant and visually complex mobile wall solutions, through its commitment to its smooth surface highly clean

4. The cost of Hagrien combine with the global design flexibility and can withstand, meet or exceed all NEMA standard. According to the typical of all components in the fringe to optimize runoff and durability. The designer can use in all installation mode and a variety of colors, they are the end point selection, installation position and system of commercial aesthetics is of vital importance.

5. Our product range is not marginal, so widely. We hope you choose the most suitable does not affect your request complete installation type. From the simple toilet for arid area partition, the stable range of wet room structure, through the solution of exclusive design oriented, you find each product claims.


Why choose stainless steel bathroom partition?

304 Stainless steel public toilet partition outer surface is particularly easy to clean, sanitary, disinfection, antibacterial, along with palette design can be used to complete almost unlimited design possibilities


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