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Safe Metal Bathroom Partitions

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Safe Metal Bathroom Partitions

Product Introduction

1. Safe metal bathroom partitions for changing the bathroom area, the stability of the partition, the absolute waterproof, easy to clean and professional design of the successful combination.

2. We meet or exceed all NEMA standards in the context of global design flexibility and affordable costs. Summary Combine the stripe of all typical parts to ensure optimum runoff and durability.

3. Our metal bathroom partitions can ensure that the region dry and wet separation, moisture-proof products, beautiful and generous, is the ideal toilet partition products.

Safe Metal Bathroom Partitions Material Selection Criteria

1. The steel plate is made of WISCO or Baosteel Special galvanized steel sheet, the thickness of the steel plate is 0.8-1.2 thick.

2. Using the built-in cellular A Holland honicel honeycomb paper company in Guangzhou

B white dragon class a fireproof board, C aluminum honeycomb

3. The German Henkel company Xi'an plastic foam

4. Stainless steel rubber sleeve adopts 304# TISCO standard 0.8

5. Accessories: A zinc alloy plating, B electroplating, anchoring drawing

C sea green 304# special accessories (never rust)

6. Nylon regression shaft with USA (DuPont) reinforced nylon.

7. Hinge connection, the upper and lower shaft adopts 304# stainless steel, never rust

8. Powder with AKZO NOBEL the Great Wall coating Co., Ltd.

Product Advantage

1. Short construction period

2. Many colors

3. Strong acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion

4. Antibacterial, Anti ultraviolet

5. Easy to install and disassemble

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