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Stainless Steel Coat Hook

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Stainless Steel Coat Hook

Product Description

1. Our stainless steel coat hook design simple and beautiful, excellent quality, and the price is reasonable, widely praised by customers.

2. Stainless steel coat hook using high-quality raw materials production, supply stability, rest assured that procurement.

3. We produce and design a variety of models with color, the bathroom partition door hinges are patented, trusted product selection.

Product Advantage

1. Light weight good rigidity high strength

2. Weathering resistance and corrosion resistance is strong

3. Hyperbolic panels etc complex shapes

4. Color selection widely beneficial to collocation

Company Advantage

1. Hagrien products based on the quality of the strategy has never been shaken, the establishment of a number of brands since the sixteen years as a day to pursue higher quality, never lax.

2. More than 10 years of engineering experience so that we have the ability to provide customers from the design, custom, project management, manufacturing, installation guidance, after-sales service and other comprehensive professional solutions.

3. Hagrien Industrial Co., Ltd. is not only the leader of metal bathroom cut off, but it is the leading oil and gas logging monitoring and control equipment, equipment and supporting tools and electronic components, mechanical processing of the R & D, sales; oil and gas exploration and development of new Technology, new technology, new product development, sales and technical services company.

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